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Fri Feb 19 10:17:10 PST 2016

This week, Patti features another review by Ed Gorman, this one of Dave Zeltserman's KILLER, along with the links to the reviews, etc., below:

Sergio Angelini, CRY BLOOD and KILLER IN SILK, Harry Vernon Dixon
Joe Barone,  THE ELEPHANT WHISPERER by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence
Brian Busby, For My Country [Pour la patrie: roman du XXe siecle] Jules-Paul Tardivel [Sheila Fischman, trans],
Bill Crider, FORTUNE IS A WOMAN, Hermes Nye
Scott Cupp, WALKING WOLF, Nancy Collins 
Martin Edwards, MURDER BY BURIAL, Stanley Casson 
Charles Gramlich,  The Rat Bastards #4: Meat Grinder Hill, John Mackie 
Richard Horton, NO SCORE, Lawrewnce Block 
Jerry House, CATASTROPHES! ed. Issac Asimov, et al
Nick Jones, BANDITS, Elmore Leonard 
George Kelley, THE BEST OF THE BEST: 20 YEARS OF SF ed, Garnder Dozois 
Margot Kinberg, BULLET FOR A STAR, Stuart Kaminsky
B.V. Lawson, MURDER SAILS AT MIDNIGHT, Marion Babson 
Steve Lewis/Stephen Mertz, NEGATIVE BLUE, Carter Brown
Todd Mason, KEYHOLE MYSTERY MAGAZINE and SHOCK (in 1960), edited by Dan Roberts and anonymously 
J.F. Norris, THREE GREEN BOTTLES, Dominic Devine 
Matthew Paust, BEYOND REDEMPTION, Gary V. Powell
James Reasoner, LARRY'S LUCK, H. Bedford Jones
Richard Robinson, A CONRAD ARGOSY 
Kerrie Smith, THE SANTA KLAUS MURDER, Mavis Doriel Hay 
Kevin Tipple/Barry Ergang, THE FIEND, Margaret Millar
TracyK, THIRTEEN AT DINNER, Agatha Christie
Westlake Reviews, WHY ME?, Donald Westlake 
A.J. Wright, Alabama Book Covers,  T. S. Stribling

forwarded by Todd Mason

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