[PW] ? Dates of Edward R. Murrow Signoff (Quotation Query #739)

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According to <<Edward R Murrow, An American Original>>, by Joseph E. Persico, 1988, on page 189:

"On his Christmas Eve broadcast [of "This is London."] in 1940, Ed chose not to say 'Merry Christmas." The phrase had virtually disappeared that holiday season in England. Since the war, Londoners had started saying, 'So long, and good luck.' And so he closed his broadcast, "Good night, and good luck." Ida Lou Anderson [a listener from Corvallis, Washington] wrote to him to stick with it, which he did for the rest of his broadcasting career."

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Can anyone supply any information about the beginning and ending dates of Edward R. Murrow using his radio and television signoff "Good night, and good luck"?

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