[PW] Robert Hartwell Fiske

Solomons1pal at aol.com Solomons1pal at aol.com
Mon Feb 15 18:17:01 PST 2016

   Can anyone help me learn of the current situation of Robert  Hartwell 
Fiske, owner and publisher of the online monthly journal Vocabula  Review?  He 
has been ill for some time, and now is not responding to  email messages, 
nor has the Review appeared since December 2015.   I have been for a long 
time a contributor to the Review, and consider  myself a friend of Robert's, 
but I know of no family member of his, nor of any  business associate, so I 
can do nothing but broadcast this appeal for  information.  If you can give me 
any leads, I will be very grateful.
                                        Mark  Halpern

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