[PW] looking for text of a declam piece

S M Colowick januarye at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 09:17:22 PST 2016

On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 7:58 AM,  <bkstand at pie.midco.net> wrote:
> I’m having a hard time locating this, so thought I would put it out there.
> I am looking for the text of a piece by W. Henry Galbreth called The Flea Gang’s First Cigars.  It is a declam piece and my patron used it in high school years ago.  I found a copyright date of 1935.  I’m unable to find even a book that might have the text within it.
> This reference came from the Catalog of Copyright Entries.  Thanks for any help.  Feel free to reply directly to me at the address below.
> Brenda Hemmelman

The copyright was apparently renewed by Wetmore Declamation,
"Providing award-winning speech materials since 1923, now a division
of Rock Branch Productions":


I don't see that piece in the current catalog, but the company may
still have access to it.

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