[PW] looking for text of a declam piece

bkstand at pie.midco.net bkstand at pie.midco.net
Tue Feb 9 07:58:42 PST 2016

I’m having a hard time locating this, so thought I would put it out there.
I am looking for the text of a piece by W. Henry Galbreth called The Flea Gang’s First Cigars.  It is a declam piece and my patron used it in high school years ago.  I found a copyright date of 1935.  I’m unable to find even a book that might have the text within it.
This reference came from the Catalog of Copyright Entries.  Thanks for any help.  Feel free to reply directly to me at the address below. 
Brenda Hemmelman

Collection Services Librarian

SD Dept of Education/SD State Library

MacKay Building, 800 Governors Dr

Pierre, SD 57501

Brenda.Hemmelman at state.sd.us (mailto:Brenda.Hemmelman at state.sd.us)


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