[PW] Quote: If you're going through hell, keep going. Request help to access Christian Science publication

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Sun Jan 24 00:58:42 PST 2016

The Quote Investigator website has an entry for a very popular saying
attributed to Winston Churchill:

[Begin excerpt]
If you're going through hell, keep going.
[End excerpt]

There is no substantive evidence that Churchill employed this saying.

Recently, I found two interesting matches (unverified) in 1943 and
1969 in the "Christian Science Sentinel". This is the earliest known
evidence, I think.

A full run of the "Christian Science Sentinel" has been scanned and a
database has been constructed that is accessible to subscribers. Here
is a link to a display of the issues:


Perhaps some individual or institution with database access will be
willing to help verify the citations below. The goal is to verify the
accuracy of the metadata and to gather some additional surrounding
text to learn more about the context. Of course, if you are able to
access the issues on paper or microfilm, instead of online, that would
be great too.

Date: October 30, 1943
Periodical: Christian Science Sentinel
Volume 45, Issue 44
Article: Binding the Power of Pain
Author: John Randall Dunn
(Data not yet verified)

[Begin match text]
. . . He replied, "I'm going through hell!" Said his friend: "Well,
keep on going. That is no place to stop!" If you seem to be going
through the deep waters of physical anguish and...
[End match text]

Date: July 26, 1969
Periodical: Christian Science Sentinel
Volume 71, Issue 30
Article: Truth Is the Victor
Author: J. Woodruff Smith
Quote Page: GB 1286
(Data not yet verified)

[Begin GB excerpt]
A man who was going through deep waters of fear called a Christian
Science practitioner. In anguish he cried, "Oh, you don't know what
I'm going through. I'm just going through hell." With vigor his helper
replied, "That's no place to stop. Keep going." There was a short
silence. Then a ripple of amusement followed by a wave of laughter as
the mesmerism burst.
[End GB excerpt]

If you are willing to help please contact me on or off list.
Garson O'Toole

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