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Here's a similar story, which was made into a TV movie called Hidden in Silence:


"The Podgórski sisters, Stefania Podgórska (born 1925) and Helena
Podgórska (born 1935), came from a Catholic farming family living near
Przemyśl in south-eastern Poland. During the Holocaust,
sixteen-year-old Stefania and her six-year-old sister harboured
thirteen Jewish men, women and children in the attic of their home for
two-and-a-half years. Both were later honored as the Righteous Among
the Nations by Yad Vashem as well as by the Jewish and Polish
organizations in North America, for their wartime heroism."

But they lived in an apartment, not a farmhouse. An SS officer lived
next door, but not in the same house, though at one time "a German
officer entered the apartment and announced that Stefania and Helena
must vacate the place in two hours. ... The officer reappeared telling
the girls that, after all, he decided to take a room opposite the
house for his two nurses from the military hospital."

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> Thank you for any help in identifying this particular story, and helping to
> locate its source whether in document or video.
> The story in question was presented (possibly, but not positively) in a
> History Channel segment concerning World War II Holocaust rescuers
> (Righteous Among the Nations?).
> Story:
>  A family of four living on a rural farm.
> The parents leave the two daughters home alone.
> The parents never return, and the two daughters never find out what became
> of them.
> During this time, a family of escaping Jews request asylum on the farm.
> The girls acquiesce and hide the family in the farm house attic.
> Nazi soldiers arrive and request housing for their officers during their
> stay in the area.
> The girls grant this request and place the officers on the second floor of
> the farm house.
> Time goes on with the girls living on the main floor, the Nazi officers on
> the second floor, and the Jews in the attic.
> Eventually the officers are relocated and leave.
> The girls and the Jewish family live together safely until the end of the
> war.
> Thank you for your help.
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