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Good morning, Dr. Harper,

Possibly!  Although I think the story I mentioned took place in England (I forgot to mention that).  However, "Every Other Thursday" sounds very good and very similar to what I'm seeking; I will seek it out in the library.  Thank you so much for your response!


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Could this be Edna Ferber's "Every Other Thursday" (1926)? It follows a stolid, not especially pretty Scandinavian servant on her half-day off, which she spends cooking and cleaning for relatives, gossiping over coffee, shopping, and attending a dance (where she is paid serious attention by a potential beau).  She comes home well after dark and settles happily into her bed with the thought that life is good: she will be content working long hours until her next half-day off in two weeks. Meanwhile, the members of the wealthy, self-involved American family who employ her are clucking their tongues over her lateness and scoffing at the thought that she could possibly find anything worthwhile to do beyond their housework.

The story is included in Ferber's collection *One Basket*. Whether or not this is the one you're looking for, I highly recommend it.


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On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 7:46 PM, Reynolds, Nancy <nreynolds at coronado.ca.us>

> I'm trying to find the title or author of a short story I read back in 
> college.  It was about a pockmarked, not very bright maid (scullery 
> maid?) who had been hired to work in a large household.  I can't 
> remember the time frame but it could have been in the early part of 
> the 20th century.  She was not treated well but at the end of the 
> story she thought to herself how good life was.  The writing seemed D. 
> H. Lawrence-y, but I'm no Lawrence expert, so maybe that's my 
> imagination.  Thanks for any help you can provide!
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