[PW] Black Friday's "Forgotten" Books: the post T-day links

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 27 09:42:35 PST 2015

Patti Abbott's away from her computer, but did manage to get most of her known entries up today, along with her own review of THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT by Walter Tevis posted, along with the links to the reviews below, at


While my take on CONJURE WIFE by Fritz Leiber is at this address:

Sergio Angelini, MURDER WITHIN MURDER, Frances and Richard LockridgeYvette Banek, WARRANT FOR X, Philip Macdonald
Les Blatt, DEATH OF AN AIRMAN, Christopher St. John Sprigg 
Brian Busby, BLONDES ARE MY TROUBLE, Douglas Sanderson
Bill Crider, THE VIOLENT ONES, Brant House, ed. 
Scott Cupp, SOME OF YOUR BLOOD, Theodore Sturgeon
Martin Edwards, THE MAN WHO LOST HIS WIFE, Julian Symons
Ed Gorman, KILLER, Dave Zeltserman
Rich Horton, Ace Double: Conan the Conqueror, by Robert E. Howard; The Sword of Rhiannon, by Leigh Brackett
George Kelley, DEEP QUARRY, John. E. Stith 
Margot Kinberg, BLANCHE ON THE LAM, Barbara Neely
B.V. Lawsosn, GOOD COP, BAD COP, Barbara D'Amato 
Steve Lewis hosting David Vineyard, THE WOMAN WITH THE BLUE PENCIL, Gordon McAlpine
Matt Paust, THE CONSEQUENCES OF DESIRE, Dennis Hathaway
Kevin Tipple. A DANGEROUS THING, Bill Crider 
TomCat, SCHEMERS, Bill Pronzini

TracyK, FUNERAL IN BERLIN, Len Deighton

Todd Mason
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