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Tue Nov 24 19:54:25 PST 2015

This week's adventures in audio/visual materials that the reviewers think need at least another look (or, occasionally, actually deserve obscurity); thanks as always to everyone, including all readers...


A. J. Wright: The Fighting Kentuckian
Aaron West: Criterion Blogathon: Day 5
Anne Billson: Porky's II: The Next Day and other films better than she expected
Anonymous: Easy Living; 5 Fingers; Crazy, Stupid. Love; Noah Beery, Jr.: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Bhob Stewart: Giger Museum; Liberace Museum; 1968 Comic Art Convention (NYC), etc.
The Big Broadcast: 22 November 2015
Bill Crider: Kansas City Bomber [trailer]
Brian Arnold: Simple Gifts: Introduction and "The Great Frost"
B.V. Lawson: Media Murder
Colin: Tony Rome
Comedy Film Nerds: CFN vs. Keith and the Girl on The Martian
Criterion Close Up: Criterion Blogathon, New Releases for February, etc.
Cullen Gallagher: Barquero
Cynthia Fuchs: Democrats; Mimi and Dona; Secret in Their Eyes
David Vineyard: Midnight (1934 film)
Dorian and Vinnie Bartolucci: Lady in the Lake; Trancers
Elizabeth Foxwell: Black Friday (1940 film); about Anatomy of a Murder
Evan Lewis: Dick Tracy (1950s tv series): "Dick Tracy and FlatTop"
Gary Deane: June Havoc
George Kelley: Spotlight
Gilligan Newton-John: Mad scientist film bondage (some mildly NSFW imagery)
How Did This Get Made? (featuring guest Lennon Parham): Lifeforce
Iba Dawson: some of the worst...
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The Strange One; The Garment Jungle
Jackie Kashian: Chez Amanda on The X-Files; The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Jacqueline T. Lynch: Jerome Cowan
James Reasoner: The Deadly Mantis; The Bold Caballero
Janet Varney: Colin Hanks
Jerry House: Roy Rogers and his peers; X Minus 1: "Nightmare"
John Grant: Curtain at Eight; Crime Unlimited; Flat Two
Jonathan Lewis: Treasure Island (1972 film)
Karen Hannsberry: William Conrad; Top 25 Noir Films
Kate Laity: The Hudsucker Proxy
Ken Levine: On Roseanne; further on Roseanne; Undateable; Wish I Was Here and Kickstarter abuse
Kevin Pollack's Chat Show: Vince Gilligan
Kristina Dijan: Criterion Blogathon: Day 4
Laura G: 3 Bad Men; Murder in the Fleet; The 33; Pocahontas (1995 Disney animation); 42nd Street (stage)
Lucy Brown: River; Once Upon a Time (current US tv)
Marty McKee: The Final Terror
Mildred Perkins: The Savage Dead
Mystery Dave: "Captain EO"
Patricia Nolan-Hall: Harry Carey and the Carey family
Patti Abbott: Reflections in a Golden Eye
Rick: 1960s TV series on the road...
Rod Lott: Rattlers; Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon
Ronna and Beverly: Jessica St. Clair
"Rupert Pupkin": Broken Lance
Ruth Kerr: Criterion Blogathon Day 6
Sam Juliano: A Room with a View; Carol
Scott A. Cupp: Mad Miss Manton
Sergio Angelini: Molle Mystery Theater (radio); Thriller (US tv); et al.: "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" and its extensions by Robert Bloch
Stacia Kissick Jones: Manos, the Hands of Fate; The Night of the Generals; Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead
Stephen Bowie: Sunday Showcase (1959 US tv): "What Makes Sammy Run?"
Stephen Gallagher: Stan Lee's Lucky Man
TV Obscurities: The Tammy Grimes Show
Victoria Loomes: Louise Beavers
Vienna: North by Northwest (stage); Leslie Howard; Bad Day at Black Rock
Yvette Banek: La belle et la bete

Todd Mason

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