[PW] Friday's "Forgotten" Books: Winter Holidays special: the links to the reviews

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Fri Nov 20 11:13:25 PST 2015

Patricia Abbott's reviews at the link below, which also has the links to reviews listed below, include _Christmas in Absaroka County_ by Craig Johnson and _Christmas at the Mysterious Bookstore_ edited by Otto Penciler (and featuring a story by her daughter, Megan Abbott)


Sergio Angelini, MURDER IN THE COLLECTIVE, Barbara WilsonLes Blatt, ST. PETER'S FINGER, Gladys Mitchell
Brian Busby, THE KEYS OF MY PRISON, Frances Shelly Wees
Bill Crider, NEVER TRUST A NAKED BUS DRIVER, Jack Douglas 
Scott Cupp, MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER, Russ Manning
Martin Edwards, THE JURY DISAGREE, by George Goodchild and C.E. Bechhofer Roberts,
Curt Evans, Quentin and Punshon 
Ed Gorman, HOW LIKE AN ANGEL, Margaret Millar 
Richard Horton, THE SPACE PIONEERS, Cary Rockwell
***Jerry House, MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, Valerntine Davis 
Nick Jones, TOUCH, Elmore Leonard
***George Kelley, HERCULE POIROT'S CHRISTMAS, Agatha Christie 
Margot Kinberg, THE CALLING, Inger Ash Wolf
***B.V. Lawson, RED CHRISTMAS, Patrick Ruell 
Evan Lewis, THE SISTINE SECRETS, Blech and Doliner
Steve Lewis, MURDER AMONG THE OWLS, Bill Crider
Todd Mason Winter Holiday Edition: ALL THE LIES THAT ARE MY LIFE (and SHATTERDAY, the collection) by Harlan Ellison 
***Matthew Paust, ST. ALBERT, THE GREAT, Kevin Vost
***James Reasoner, THE PUSHER, Ed McBain 
***Richard Robinson,Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin by W.J. Burley  
Gerard Saylor, GHOST ROAD BLUES, Jonathan Mayberry
***TomCat, CRIME AT CHRISTMAS, C.B.H. Kitchin 


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