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Though, oddly, I knew this list wasn't quite complete...it leaves off the Sturgeon and Davidson novels I cited!
These were perhaps segregated because they *were* about Queen the character, at least in part:
   - The Player on The Other Side—1963 (ghost-written with Theodore Sturgeon)
   - …and on the Eighth Day…—1964 (ghost-written with Avram Davidson) (Grand Prix de Littérature Policière winner)
   - The Fourth Side of The Triangle—1965 (ghost-written with Avram Davidson)
   - A Study in Terror AKA Ellery Queen vs Jack The Ripper—1966 (Movie tie-in or novelization of a movie of the same name about Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper, with Ellery Queen added as a character in the framing story. The Sherlock Holmes part was written by Paul W. Fairman with Dannay/Lee input.)
   - The House of Brass—1968 (ghost-written with Avram Davidson) (A sequel to Inspector Queen's Own Case with a minimal appearance by Ellery.)

--Almost all the ghosts were good to brilliant fantasy/sf and/or usually at least also crime fiction writers (Avram Davidson and "Stephen Marlowe" were certainly "amphibians" from the beginning of their careers), and then there was the more slick than good Paul Fairman, certainly well-known to them as managing editor of EQ MYSTERY MAGAZINE for a few years.
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  Thanks, Ivan! And to the others who have informed me about the odd resentment of my posts...I keep also getting notes from the list that Stumpers posts keep bouncing...perhaps YahooMail plays even less well with PW than it does with Fiction-L (and that's saying something).
The easiest listings of the EQ ghosted novels I've seen again, so far, are, unsurprisingly, the WIKIPEDIA:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellery_Queen_(house_name)

and the Allen Hubin reference that list is drawn from:Crime Fiction, 1749-1980: A Comprehensive Bibliography by Allen J. Hubin, Garland, 1984, ISBN 0-8240-9219-8
Good hunting!The WIKI list:All ghost writers are identified where known.[1] Post-1961 novels are usually paperback originals. All titles were edited and supervised by Lee except The Blue Movie Murders, which was edited and supervised by Dannay after Lee's death. Unless noted, these novels do not feature Ellery Queen as a character.   
   - The Last Man Club (1941) A novelization of the radio play featuring Ellery Queen.
   - Ellery Queen, Master Detective (1941), aka The Vanishing Corpse, Pyramid, (1968) A novelization of the movie featuring Ellery Queen, which was loosely based on the novel The Door Between
   - The Penthouse Mystery (1941) A novelization of the movie (Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery) featuring Ellery Queen.
   - The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire (1942) A novelization of the radio play featuring Ellery Queen.
   - The Perfect Crime (1942) A novelization of the movie (Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime) featuring Ellery Queen, which in turn was loosely based on The Devil to Pay   [2]
   - Dead Man's Tale (1961) by Stephen Marlowe
   - Death Spins The Platter (1962) by Richard Deming
   - Wife Or Death (1963) by Richard Deming
   - Kill As Directed (1963) by Henry Kane
   - Murder With A Past (1963) by Talmage Powell
   - The Four Johns (1964) by John Holbrook Vance (Jack Vance)
   - Blow Hot, Blow Cold (1964) by Fletcher Flora
   - The Last Score (1964) by Charles W. Runyon
   - The Golden Goose (1964) by Fletcher Flora
   - A Room To Die In (1965) by John Holbrook Vance (Jack Vance)
   - The Killer Touch (1965) by Charles W. Runyon
   - Beware the Young Stranger (1965) by Talmage Powell
   - The Copper Frame (1965) by Richard Deming
   - Shoot the Scene (1966) by Richard Deming
   - The Madman Theory (1966) by John Holbrook Vance (Jack Vance)
   - Losers, Weepers (1966) by Richard Deming
   - Where Is Bianca? (1966) a Tim Corrigan novel by Talmage Powell
   - Why So Dead? (1966) a Tim Corrigan novel by Richard Deming
   - The Devil's Cook (1966) by Fletcher Flora
   - Which Way To Die? (1967) a Tim Corrigan novel by Richard Deming
   - Who Spies, Who Kills? (1967) a Tim Corrigan novel by Talmage Powell
   - How Goes The Murder? (1967) a Tim Corrigan novel by Richard Deming
   - Guess Who's Coming To Kill You? (1968) by Walt Sheldon
   - What's In The Dark? (1968) a Tim Corrigan novel by Richard Deming
   - Kiss And Kill (1969) by Charles W. Runyon
   - The Campus Murders (1969) a Mike McCall novel by Gil Brewer
   - The Black Hearts Murder (1970) a Mike McCall novel by Richard Deming
   - The Blue Movie Murders (1972) a Mike McCall novel by Edward Hoch

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 Hi All, Todd--

On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 7:03 PM, Todd Mason <foxbrick at yahoo.com> wrote:

> major writers such as Jack Vance, Avram Davidson and Theodore Sturgeon
> would write Ellery Queen novels from outlines Dannay provided.

Is there a reference work or page where I might track down some of these?


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