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Well, a snag so far in finding the LAMB CHOP'S SING ALONG episode "Shaggy Dog Story" and more specifically the lyrics to "It's Not Fair," a song performed on that episode.
My PBS contact informs me thus:Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It took a while to hear back from the music copyrights office here at PBS. They told me that they dig deep but couldn’t find rights information for the lyrics of the song. They suggested to find Shari Lewis daughter who has all the rights for the show. Sorry they don’t have a contact info for the daughter.

--Thus we're directed to go find Younger Lewis again! Considering this was a national television series, albeit not the highest-profile one, and Lewis wasn't quite as big a a deal by the late '90s as she was 35 years earlier, this is indeed oddly elusive...
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 Thanks so much..... I cannot believe this is so difficult to find, but I know that if anyone can find it, this group can.

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Yes, that appears to be the episode of the PBS series from the late '90s which featured the song. I have a message in with my old PBS contacts to see if they have anyone who might have the information (lyrics) easily at hand...will pass along anything useful!

Todd Mason

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> Patron wants the lyrics to the Shari Lewis song "It's not fair."
> I have not been able to come up w/it.....
> This is not important. A preschool teacher would like to use it for her
> class, but she's not pushing for an answer.


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