[PW] ?How is a 277 Volt Lighting System Wired in Series to Turn On a Large Group of Fluorescent Light Fixtures Wired in Series?

Sam Shipley sams at dcpl.info
Wed Sep 30 12:29:51 PDT 2015

I have a rather lengthy technical electronics question to submit for a patron.  Please see below:

     "How is a 277 volt lighting system wired in series to turn on a large group of fluorescent light fixtures wired in series?  One switch turns on around 50 fixtures at once.   I want to understand this from the breaker to the last fixture.
     When changing out the ballast in a fixture, there are some wires that are not needed, that the electrician has removed and capped.  This process is similar to a 120 volt system, but has more wires in the 277 volt system that (I think) remain hot.
      I have tried to find the information by searching the internet, using the keywords Fulham Ballast Co. Inc.   I also search the "How Things Work" web site."

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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