[PW] Science Fiction Novel ID

Robert robert.verde at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 12:21:18 PDT 2015

I'm trying to track down a novel, from an advert/promo excerpt published in
another novel - along the lines of; "If you liked this book, read on for an
exciting excerpt from another author."

Plot details I can recall include a group of space miners shepherding a
chunk of ice (?) back to Earth orbit from somewhere, who reluctantly answer
a distress beacon to find a non-responsive drifting spaceship, apparently
uninhabited.  Story point of view then shifts to a person hiding from a
horrific threat, I believe the implication was that the person was/had been
on the drifting ship.

Source book was read recently (within the last year), but I can't find it,
probably gave it away.  It may have been published by Angry Robot, but I
haven't found a plot summary on their website that matches the book excerpt
I read.

Any leads would be most appreciated!

Robert Verde

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