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Strange as it seems, found this downloadable pdf scholarly article in an Australian Archaeology journal. Written by a fellow from New Zealand. It is all about the what you are looking for in the early American West, but with an archaeological take on the subject.
Red Light Ladies in the American West: Entrepreneurs and Companions - Alexy Simmons, New Zealand Department of Conservation,AUSTRALIAN HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY, 7,1989http://www.ashadocs.org/aha/07/07_04_Simmons.pdf
>From the Introduction: As archaeologists become involved in urban archaeology,by necessity they must adequately address economic andsocial patterns in towns over time. The archaeologicalsampling of identifiable socio-economic and ethnic populations within an historic urban setting provides ameans for supplementing the often fragmentary, inaccurateand ethnocentric historical record. Sue
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Fri Sep 11 12:27:55 PDT 2015Hi, I am trying to help a senior thesis student at a university, but I'm
seeing some of her difficulties. Primary source documents seem difficult to
find. She's looked in JSTOR, America History and Life, American West, and
online newspaper collections. I've looked around in these places too. She's
got books, but they don't have many snippets of primary source quotations
etc. I'm definitely going to keep trying to help her, but trying out
Collective Wisdom too. Is there archival or primary source resources we're
missing? Many thanks if you can provide any ideas! Here is the student's

My topic is the social and economic role of madams and high-end prostitutes
in the American west during the late 19th century. I am looking for things
such as journals, newspaper articles, autobiographies, etc. Some of the
specific individuals that I am looking into are Fannie Porter, Pearl De
Vere, Jennie Rogers, Mary Ellen Pleasant, Mollie May, Belle Cora.   I am
focusing on TX, CA, CO, and AZ.

Liz Barksdale
Head Reference Librarian
University of Dallas, Irving, TX
ebarksdale at udallas.edu

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