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I might suggest the short biography THE LEGEND OF JULIA BULETTE AND THE RED
LIGHT LADIES OF NEVADA by Douglas McDonald.  There are a number of
newspaper articles about Julia Bulette's murder in 1867 in the online
California Digital Newspaper collection which is a free access database.

As a side note, ancestry.com allows searches of censuses on keywords.  If
one searches for "prostitute", the 1880 census brings up 4,723 hits.  Using
just these search results one can pull data such as age, location, and
country of origin (many Chinese).


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> If this student is doing newspaper work, she'll need to search for the code
> terms used in print publications during this period: a woman might have
> been described as a "resort keeper"/"resortkeeper" or as "keeping a
> disorderly house." You might also send her to some of the periodicals for
> law enforcement/prison personnel and social workers that are freely
> available through the Hathi Trust and Google Books.
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> > Hi, I am trying to help a senior thesis student at a university
> > ​ . . . Primary source documents seem difficult to
> > find. She's looked in JSTOR, America History and Life, American West, and
> > online newspaper collections
> > ​ . . .​ the social and economic role of madams and high-end prostitutes
> > in the American west during the late 19th century.
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