[PW] Short story by Frances Gray Patton

NancyJo Leachman nancyjo at salpublib.org
Wed Sep 9 17:34:04 PDT 2015

I have a patron who is looking for the story THE TERRIBLE MISS DOVE.
According to many sources, the book GOOD MORNING MISS DOVE is based on 3
short stories she wrote for Ladies Home Journal in 1954.  One of those
stories is THE TERRIBLE MISS DOVE and that is the one she needs.

In addition to having these three stories in Ladies Home Journal, I have
found that Patton had a few short story anthologies, but I have not found
any info on the titles of said stories. If anyone has such a book and could
check to see if that story is in it, I'd appreciate it. If you do have a
copy, please let me know how many pages and what the cost of faxing or
photocopying would be.
Thanks for any help.
Nancy Jo

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