[PW] Request Mag of Fantasy and SF 1962: Quote: That's not writing--that's type-writing!" Truman Capote

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 12:46:46 PDT 2015

Dennis Lien wrote:
> The quotation is indeed in the introduction to the (reprint) in the
> issue of TC's story "Master Misery," and it is exactly as you have it,
> except that the word "type" (first half of "type-writer") is in
> italics.
> While story introductions in F&SF are/were (to my memory) never
> bylined, it's my understanding/firm belief that such were always
> written by the editor.  In this case, I'm even more certain, since the
> editor (formally "Executive Editor") at the time was Avram Danvidson,
> whose prose style is unmistakable.
> I'll send you a copy of the entire page offlist; enjoy...

Excellent, Dennis. Thank you very much for retrieving the magazine,
locating the quotation, and checking the editorship. I will create a
website entry in the coming weeks. If I cannot verify the citation in
The Provincetown Annual I will place it in an appendix with a note
that it is unverified.


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