[PW] Request Mag of Fantasy and SF 1962: Quote: That's not writing--that's type-writing!" Truman Capote

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Davidson, essentially uniquely among F&SF editors so far, loved to refer to himself in his headnotes with such mock-pompous sobriquets as Your Servant (to Command); Isaac Asimov had begun writing his monthly pop-science column in the magazine during previous editor Robert Mills's term, and enjoyed referring to Mills as the Kindly Editor; Davidson and Asimov tended to rub each other the wrong way in comparison, and Davidson at one point referred to himself as a result as the Cruelly Editor. 
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 The quotation is indeed in the introduction to the (reprint) in the
issue of TC's story "Master Misery," and it is exactly as you have it,
except that the word "type" (first half of "type-writer") is in

While story introductions in F&SF are/were (to my memory) never
bylined, it's my understanding/firm belief that such were always
written by the editor.  In this case, I'm even more certain, since the
editor (formally "Executive Editor") at the time was Avram Danvidson,
whose prose style is unmistakable.

I'll send you a copy of the entire page offlist; enjoy...

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