[PW] Request Mag of Fantasy and SF 1962: Quote: That's not writing--that's type-writing!" Truman Capote

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 17:25:26 PDT 2015

This is a different request concerning the quotation attributed to
Truman Capote. Dennis Lien was very help with an old issue of
Astounding SF, but I do not know if he has issues of Magazine of
Fantasy and SF. Below is the citation I am trying to verify on paper.
Based on snippets in Google Books I think that the text appeared in
the introduction to a story by Capote. I'd like to know who wrote the
introduction; presumably the main editor or a guest editor. Scans
would be great, but visual verification is ok.

Date: July 1962
Periodical: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Volume 23
Story title: Master Misery
Story author: Truman Capote
Quote Page 24
Quotation appears in the introduction to the story, I think

[Begin excerpt]
. . . his memorable riposte to Norman Mailer—who, in a TV round-table
discussion, was vigorously espousing the
Don't-get-it-right-get-it-written-theory--"But, my good man,"
protested Mr. T., in a deadly drawl, "that's not writing--that's
[End excerpt]

Thanks, Garson

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