[PW] Children's book stumper: big wind blows everyone around at night

Jesse Lewis jlewis at bburglibrary.net
Fri Aug 28 14:35:15 PDT 2015

Milton the Early Riser is it! There is much rejoicing in her corner of the interwebs. Thanks to all who suggested it!

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Thanks to all who suggested it!  
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A friend of a friend is looking for a picture book her mother used to read her as a child (the searcher is 28 so picture book reading would have been happening in the late 80s through early 90s?) and neither of them remember the title.  They remember that the book was light blue and had an illustration of wind gusts on the cover.  There's a boy who sleeps all day, and his family doesn't know why.  It turns out that at night, when the family goes to bed, a great wind comes and blows everything and everyone around...bears are in trees, birds are on the ground...and the boy spends all night putting everyone back.  

That's it.  Does this ring any bells for anyone?  I've Googled, Novelisted and Worldcatted with various combinations of "wind", "sleep", "bedtime", "boy", "animals", "bear(s)", "bird(s)", "blow", etc.

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