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For the second book, I had a pictorial history of baseball back in 
the 1970's, but I'm not sure of the title.   All I can remember is I 
think the first words in were "Zack Wheat!" And it had images from 
the earliest days of baseball.

I think it might have been Illustrated History of Baseball by Robert 
Smith (1973).

I found an image of the Robert Smith book without a cover, and it is green.


Or if not that, maybe it was The Story of Baseball A Completely 
Illustrated and Exciting History of America's National Game, by John 
M. Rosenburg (1974).

Bill Davis

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>There are two baseball books that I have been unable to find.
>The first is a paperback of biographies of Hall of Fame players, I 
>believe the book is a collection of biographies written by different 
>sportswriters ar different times. The format is that the book editor 
>decided on an all-time American League lineup and an all-time 
>National League lineup, and included the biographies of the chosen 
>players, one for each position.
>As I remember, included were Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Walter Johnson, 
>Brooks Robinson, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Hornsby, Wagner, Rod 
>Carew, Ted Williams, Joe Cronin, Mathewson, probably Mel Ott etc.
>The second book is a hardcover (I believe the hard cover was green) 
>baseball history book, starting from the very beginning up until the 
>book was published - 1960s or early 1970s.  This book was unusual in 
>that the early section covered players like Pete Browning (and all 
>his eccentricities) and Fred Dunlap (and his powerful throwing arm) 
>who, at the time the book was published, were not well known.
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