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Has anyone contacted Rotary International's Books For The World program?  
Shipping containers full of used books are sent out of the Port of Houston  
regularly. If you would like more information, a good place to start is  to 
look for the website of RI District 5890. 
Wendy Bruner, MLS
Treasurer, Rotary Club of Houston NW Sunset
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Fidel  Bafilemba is a dear friend of mine who works for the Enough 
Project in  Congo. He is also a respected human rights activist there and 
committed to  improving education in his country.  Fidel is trying to 
start the  first public library in his hometown (Goma). He is asking 
anyone and  everyone who has books they can donate to send them in his  
direction.  If any of you know have suggestions that would help him,  
contact me and I'll put you in touch with him directly.  As for  
donating, books in French and Swahili are especially needed, but books  
in English are fine too-- his intent is to help students and adult  
learners who currently have few places to study and little access to new  
or recent books.  In his post on Facebook, he asked for new or used  
books, kindles, laptops, and textbooks.  If you are able to donate,  his 
mailing address is Fidel Bafilemba, P.O. Box 564, GISENYI, RWANDA."  Hope 
you can  help!
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