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Sat Jul 25 11:45:50 PDT 2015

There are several matches in Google Books for the target text. One
match is in a collection called "Like Nothing on Earth" by science
fiction author Eric Frank Russell.

Another match is in the compilation "Operation Future" by Groff
Conklin. A webpage for this compilation at Amazon shows one story by
Russell, and the Internet Speculative Fiction database has the
following data:


Periodical: Astounding Science Fiction
Date: July 1950
Title: Exposure
Author: Eric Frank Russell

Here is some text extracted from Google Books:

[Begin extracted excerpt]
Id-Wan promptly turned on him and bawled, "Shut up!"

"He was only pointing out," observed Bi-Nak, picking his not-teeth
with fingers that weren't.
[End excerpt]

There is a match in GB for the text above within a volume of
Astounding Science Fiction. Searching for "July 1950" within the
volume shows a snippet that indicates that the July 1950 issue is
contained in the GB volume. Searching for "Exposure Frank" shows a
snippet of the title page for the "Exposure" story by Eric Frank
Russell. The GB page number for the starting page of the tale is 107.
The GB match page for the quotation is 115.

I think the quotation appeared in "Exposure" by Eric Frank Russell
with high probability.


On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 1:51 PM, Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD
<pzi at ingerman.org> wrote:
> Hello, friend W0mbats ...
> Last time I asked a question the answer was simple, and I'm almost
> embarrassed   to ask another, but I'll brave  it ... and this is for me,
> again, with absolutely no rush.
> Perhaps 60-odd years ago I recall reading a SciFi story. I don't remember
> anything about it except for one line ... the alien (non-human, of course)
> was leaning against a tree "picking his not-teeth with fingers that
> weren't".
> Recently that line has popped out of my subconscious like an earworm ...
> Is there any chance someone besides me remembers it, and can cite a source
> for it?
> Peter
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