[PW] Book about three potential kings of America + Freemasons

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Sun Jul 5 18:20:24 PDT 2015

Robert Sullivan scripsit:

> A while ago I read a fascinating book about the first days of our country.
> The theme was that not only could George Washington have been king, but two
> others also had a chance.
> One of the factors in play here was the power of the Freemasons, who had
> another candidate for king besides Washington.  The third possibility was a
> member of the British monarchy, I think.
> There was considerable detail about the rituals and organization of the
> Masonic order in the book, as well.

_Two Crowns for America_, by Katherine Kurtz.  I'd describe the genre
as "secret history", but not fantasy as such, unlike most of her books.
The other candidate was Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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