[PW] Q: ID photo details Prince Andrew and who? where? when?

Katheryn Carrier kcarrier at tadl.org
Wed Jul 1 08:45:38 PDT 2015

Picture here

"Duke of York [Prince Andrew] to attend St Paul’s Cathedral service marking
ten years since London bombings"

The 10th Anniversary is next week so the picture is from another event. 9th
London? Outside St. Paul's somewhere?

The policeman in back is security as I assume is the officer on the
right--service branch? rank? name?

The cleric is?

The woman in the big black hat?

The woman with the medallion necklace?

The man next to her?

The blond woman?

The man over DOY right shoulder?

It's very green so I assume late spring or summer

There's a closeup of Andrew
from the same event? Woman in black hat appears the same (at least to me).

Many thanks!

Katheryn Carrier

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