[PW] names of members of Iranian parliament, 1975-1979

Nadine Cohen ncohen at uga.edu
Fri May 29 07:34:35 PDT 2015

Hi all - just joined the list!  Here's my stumper:

Patron looking for a list of names of members of the Iranian parliament
1975-1979.  I haven't come up with anything definitive.  Here's what I've
done so far......

I searched Google and Google scholar using both versions of the name of the
parliament, "National Consultative Assembly" and "Majlis", and neither
produced a list of names.  However, I did find a book (available online at
my university) that had a number of tables with demographic information on
parliament members during these years (occupation, etc.) but no names.
Maybe the sources this book drew from would have names.

The book is:
Baktiari, B. (1996). Parliamentary politics in revolutionary Iran: The
institutionalization of factional politics. Gainesville: University Press
of Florida.

The sources Baktiari cites for these tables are:

Zahar Shaji'e, Namayanadegane Majles Shoraye Meli
 [The deputies of the National Consultative Majles] (Tehran, 1966);

Salnameye Amariye Keshvar [Statistical yearbook] (Tehran, 1981).

My university doesn't own either of these sources.

Also suggested a possible contact for more/better info:  Institute for
Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies:  http://www.iichs.ir/

Thanks!  Nadine

Nadine Cohen
Education Research & Instruction Librarian
Main Library
University of Georgia
ncohen at uga.edu

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