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Timothy Ferguson timothyferguson at bigpond.com
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Tom, our biggest book last year was about an abused manchild whipping his
girlfriend a lot during intercourse.

(Did no-one else stock Fifty Shades? It was a whole thing...)

In Australia at least, erotica for women has been the third largest selling
category of book for about twenty years (following romance novels and,
sometimes, cookbooks).  

I've looked at your website: that sort of humour's kind of tired here, but
it's nowhere near as violently, disturbingly sexual as stuff you can get
through libraries now, through some of the "for women by women" imprints.  

We even do a "If you liked fifty shades" book display sometimes.  It has a
lot of black covers and waxed torso in it  I wonder where all of these
medieval Scotsmen get their torsos waxed?  Anyhow...  The thing I thought
was humorous was that last time, we did "blind date with a book" at the same
time, so of our book displays, only the erotica wasn't in brown paper

So, I know you think you're being salacious...but you're kind of tame
compared to the werewolf erotica I shelved today.  

(Not speaking for my employer, of course, but seriously, Tom: you only think
you're being salacious.  We publish reading guides for people who want BDSM
erotica now, and that's just normal in this industry. They are just next to
the ones on what to read if you like travel memoirs.)

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I have just completed an e-book and would like to distribute it to libraries
on a no-charge basis.

Can anyone please tell me how I can do that, without having to go through
the likes of Overdrive?

By the way, given the salacious manner I'm marketing this book I'm not at
all certain any of you would be all that interested in making it available
to your patrons, but I would like to believe that at least for now that's an
entirely different issue.

Buh-bye for now.

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