[PW] The sable race

T.F. Mills phasco at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 23 05:20:07 PDT 2015

On 23 Apr 2015 at 6:46, Carolyn Haley wrote:

> I took the remark to be a reference to animal color (sables coming in 
> a full range of browns to black), not only because I'm not well 
> versed in heraldry, but didn't expect the original speaker to be, 
> either. Then again, that was late 1700s. Was heraldry a more commonly 
> understood thing during that period, in America?

I, for one, didn't realize anybody might take "sable" to be anything other than its heraldic 
meaning.  Heraldry is essentially old French, from an era when the English spoke French.   In 
the 18th century both French and heraldry were more widely understood than now, French 
being the language of diplomacy and the royals courts, and hence also very well understood by 
the literati.

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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