[PW] Questions: Journal of Network and Computer Applications

brian whatcott betwys1 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 26 09:49:35 PDT 2019

When direct evidence is lacking, the next step is circumstantial.
The journal might well know the usual or actual date the print journal 
was sent to the distributor, which might be a few weeks or days prior to 
the face date.
The Postal Delivery differs from place to place and as time passes, but 
the post office might provide useful indications of mail delivery times 
to PennState.
The putative delivery scheduled during the Christmas rush would not be 
helpful, in that respect.
The aggregate would possibly provide a delivery date estimate to within 
a day or two, at best.
Brian W

On 6/25/2019 1:47 PM, Carrie Gardner wrote:
> Hello,
> First time poster--please forgive any errors.
> I have a patron who wants to know the EXACT date that a library received a
> specific issue of the Journal of Network and Computer Applications.
>   January 1998.  Volume 21, Issue 1.
> I have checked the physical copy at the main library at Penn State
> University in State College Pennsylvania.    It did not have any date
> stamps.  The periodicals department did not have records going back that
> far.
> Thank you.
> Carrie Gardner

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