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Mon Jun 10 15:18:37 PDT 2019

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 4:24 PM Bales, Stephen E <sbales at library.tamu.edu>

> I have a patron who is working on a project where the research report
> needs to be displayed as parallel texts, with a text on one page and
> commentary on the facing page and as footnotes (like a parallel bible). He
> wants to know if writers have a preferred program for this type of work.
> The only thing that I can find is MS Word. Any suggestions?

The standard approach is to use a spreadsheet program, setting the columns
wide enough to be a whole page.  Paste the left-hand text into cell A1 and
the right-hand text into cell A2, then save it and import it into your word
processor.  You'll have to do some dinking around to get the column widths
exactly right.

If the patron doesn't have or can't use Word and Excel, then LibreOffice
(which works on Mac, Windows, and Linux) is an excellent choice.  It is
both free as in speech and free as in beer, and comes with a word
processor, spreadsheet, and several other office programs.  It can read and
write Microsoft Office file formats as well as many other formats.

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