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T.F. Mills phasco at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 17 16:28:35 PST 2018

On 17 Feb 2018 at 15:27, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> The financial saying "Buy when the blood is running in the streets" or
> "Buy when blood is running in the streets" or variants thereof is
> often attributed to "Rothschild" or "Baron Rothschild."  Can anyone
> help me to determine which Rothschild is being attributed to here?  I
> realize that there may be no definite answer to this question, but I
> would welcome any insights as to which Rothschild is the most likely
> or most common referent? 

That would be Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836), 1st Baron Rothschild (a British title).

Half of the entry for him in Wikipedia is devoted to the improbable "Waterloo legend," wherein 
he is alleged to have made a fortune from early intelligence on the outcome of the battle, and 
is supposed to have explained it with the infamous quote.  It is now traced to an 1846 
anti-semitic pamphlet.

Fact/Myth also says he probably did not say that, but that it is consistent with his financial 


The quote does not appear in any of the quotation books I own, further reinforcing the idea 
that it is spurious.

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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