[PW] quick legal question

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com
Tue Mar 28 23:19:37 PDT 2017

This is for me, so no hurry (and no I am not seeking legal advice-- I'm 
seeking information). I have a friend whose daughter is what used to be 
called "mentally retarded" (not sure what the current expression is--- 
intellectually challenged?); anyway, she's in her early twenties, 
bright, outgoing, and very good at reading.  Unfortunately, she's awful 
at math.  Here in Massachusetts, one must pass a standardized test 
called MCAS (I think most states have these tests, under various names) 
to get a high school diploma. She couldn't pass it, due to her problems 
with math-- although she did pass the English part.  But despite having 
a job and even attending some adult education classes, it continues to 
bother her that she has no high school diploma. I vaguely recall a story 
about one state that gave kids with mental challenges some kind of 
waiver such that they could get some kind of diploma or certificate even 
if they couldn't pass the standardized test.  But when I searched for a 
story about it, nothing came up. Has anyone heard of waivers for kids 
who, due to intellectual disabilities, come close but are not able to 
pass the standardized high school graduation test?

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