[PW] Rock in Washington state deliver by Maine Governor?

Ellen Cousins ellen at smithie.com
Sun Jan 15 16:15:17 PST 2017

Hello Robert,

Port Gamble has something close to what you describe:

This stone brought from the State of Maine commemorates the Centennial 
of the town and lumber mill of Port Gamble founded September 1, 1853 by 
three men from Maine, Andrew L. Pope, William C. Talbot, Cyrus Walker.



Ellen C.

Ellen Cousins
Primos Research

On 1/15/2017 3:25 PM, Robert wrote:
> Hi All!
> This has just be driving crazy.
> In the 1980’s I was stationed in Bangor Washington. I remember driving around and being in this
> town that reminded me of Maine (I’m from Boston) and, low and behold, cam across this large
> rock memorial, with a plaque embedded in it, saying the rock was a gift, brought by the governor of
> Maine (I believe it was in the 50’s - 1957?) to commemorate something or other?
> At first I thought it may have been in Machias Washington, founded by a settler from Maine but, in looking
> at Machias on the map, I don’t believe I ever made it to that area, North of Seattle. In my head, I’ve always
> thought it was a town on the Sound, possibly on the Hood Canal going up to Port Townsend area? I seem
> to recall reading the plaque, walking around this little park and looking down, steeply down, to the Sound.
> Just looking to scratch this itch!  If anybody knows where I saw it - or if I imagined it - I’d love to know :)
> Be cool to see a pic of it too.
> Thank you all!
> Rob
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