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>From "The Best American Short Stories of the Century," ed. by John Updike
and Katrina Kenison, Godin was born in the Ukraine, roughly in 1909. He came
to New York in 1922, where he worked as a bottler in a chemical plant while
writing the novel, "On the Threshold." Then it goes on to say that there is
nothing more known about him!

FWIW, it appears that "Godin" was a pseudonym: G Katz said... 
Alexander Godin aka Joseph Katz was my grandfather. He wrote other short
stories in the '30s that were published in obscure literary journals. He
spent time at Yaddo where he became friends with John Cheever. Much of his
work was based on his personal experience. He did come to America from the
Ukraine. Unfortunately, he was a paranoid schizophrenic who was unable to
write after his disease progressed.

Edward J. Obrien, in his "Best Short Stories" does ID Godin as "Joseph

Maybe the lack of photos has to do with his schizophrenia.

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This request is for me so please take your time responding all!


I am currently taking an American Fiction  class. We just finished
reading (and dissecting!) "My Dead Brother Comes to America." By
Alexander Godin. During the discussion, my professor mentioned Godin was
fairly difficult to research because he is pretty much no where to be
found! Also he challenged us to find a picture of Mr. Godin which proved
to be impossible it seems! So I did some light digging through a few
databases and websites and I have so far come up empty. Does anyone have
information on this topic?, How come Mr. Godin is so mysterious? Are
there pictures out there of him? I am just rather curious as to why he
is almost invisible! Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance



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