[PW] Eric Hoffer video or film?

Bill Davis wmadavis at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 14:39:07 PDT 2009

Many were introduced to Hoffer through two interviews by Eric 
Sevareid of CBS.   I found this account online:

"CBS-TV interviewer Eric Sevaried visited him in San Francisco in May 
1967. At the Fairmont Hotel bar, despite an argument, they understood 
and appreciated each other. After the meeting, Hoffer, nervous about 
the interview, called the Osbornes to say that everything would be 
all right.   The next morning, Eric Sevareid wrote, we "ran two 
cameras on him for two and a half hours while he talked, sweated, 
gulped water, and talked.... I flew back to Washington absolutely 
certain that we had in those cans the greatest film monologue I had 
ever had anything to do with in all my years in television."    Eric 
Sevareid threatened his New York bosses with mayhem if they shortened 
the program or ran it in other than prime time. Of the broadcast on 
September 19, 1967, repeated on November 14, 1967, Sevareid wrote, 
"The switchboards at virtually every CBS station carrying the 
broadcast lit up like a Christmas tree.... Hoffer made millions of 
confused and troubled Americans feel very much better about their 
country."   In the Sevareid interview, Hoffer praised President 
Lyndon Johnson, then beleaguered with the war in Vietnam. Johnson 
quoted Hoffer in a speech. Within two weeks of the CBS interview, 
Hoffer and Johnson were photographed chatting on the White House 
lawn. A scheduled 5-minute meeting stretched into 55 minutes."

There was also a reference to another interview by Sevareid, in 1969.

You might see if you can get a video from CBS or  from the Hoffer 
Project, which has a site here:    http://www.hofferproject.org/home.html

Bill Davis

At 02:45 PM 8/3/2009, you wrote:
>    Does anyone know of a video or film in which Eric Hoffer  appears?
>                                         Mark  Halpern

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